Beginning on October 19, 2020 you must have an active New Jersey Lottery VIP Club account to log in to Collect 'N Win. If you do not have a New Jersey Lottery VIP Club account click here to register.

If you already have a New Jersey Lottery VIP Club account, make sure the email address matches your Collect 'N Win email address prior to October 19, 2020. Please use the videos below to guide you through the steps to update your accounts or register a VIP Club account.

Prior to October 19, 2020 you can still create a Collect 'N Win account here. However, you will need to already have or create a new NJ Lottery VIP Club account by October 19, 2020.

Once you are signed in you can enter your New Jersey Lottery Draw Game tickets for $1 or more. Each valid ticket you enter earns you random symbols used to complete cards to generate entries that qualify you for one of the monthly drawings.