Fall Into Winnings


Lotto America



Trailer TicketThroughout the month, LOTTO AMERICA® and KENO® tickets purchased statewide will randomly generate a Fall Into Winnings trailer ticket coupon with a unique code for 5X the symbols and one FREE entry into the November Collect 'N Win drawing.

Fall Into Winnings Overview

  1. A trailer ticket will be generated
  2. Each trailer ticket will have a unique barcode for each of the two games
  3. After a player receives a trailer ticket:
    • New player will need to register and create an account
    • Existing player will need to log in to their existing account
  4. After a successful log in, a player will be directed to the ticket entry page. A player can scan OR manually enter their trailer ticket:
    • If a player clicks on the "Manual Entry" button, they will see a drop-down menu
    • A player will choose Draw/Trailer ticket option under a drop-down menu
  5. After a trailer ticket is accepted, a player receives 5X THE SYMBOLS AND ONE entry into a drawing. All entries will be recorded under "My Entries" page
  6. If a player has other tickets to enter, they will repeat steps 4-5 for each additional ticket
  7. All draw and instant tickets entered will be randomly awarded 2,4,6,8, or 10 symbols

Games Eligible for Trailer Ticket

  • Lotto America® and KENO®


  • Lotto America® will run from November 1st to November 14th
    • All Lotto America trailer tickets will be accepted until November 30st inclusive
  • KENO® will run from November 15th to November 29th inclusive
    • After November 30th, no trailer tickets will be accepted


  • There will be a regular CNW drawing on December 7th with the following prizes:
    • Top Prize -$1,000 (3)
    • Second prize - $750 (2)
    • Third prize - $50 (75)