How to Play

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1. Register

To start collecting symbols, you must first register your contact information at the D.C. Lottery Players Club. Once registered you can log into your account at any time using a smartphone, tablet or computer and your game cards, symbols and entry history will appear.

2. Enter Tickets

TicketManually enter your ticket numbers on this site, or use your Android or iOS smartphone to scan the barcode at the bottom of any D.C. Lottery draw game tickets (Scratchers not eligible). To enter your tickets manually, enter the 30-digit ticket number (ignore the last 5 digits) and your symbols will be generated. Tickets must be purchased after November 6, 2016, and can be used only once to collect symbols - either by scanning via the Collect 'N Win mobile app or by manually entering the 30-digit ticket number. To download the Collect 'N Win app, go here.

3. Collect Symbols

SymbolsThere are six different D.C. centric symbols to collect. Click here to learn more about the symbols. Every account has four active game cards. If your scanned/entered ticket number results in a symbol that you already have on one of your cards, that symbol will fill on the next available card.

4. Earn Entries

CardWhen all six symbols have been collected on a game card, you will automatically earn one entry into the next available Collect 'N Win drawing. When an entry is generated, that game card is cleared and available to collect more symbols and earn more entries. All entries earned during the promotional period are eligible for the drawings, except winning entries selected from the previous drawings. Click here to view draw schedule and prizes.