Bonus Ride Stops

Every time you enter a qualifying D.C. Lottery draw ticket, you have a chance to take a 'Bonus Ride' through the D.C. area and stop at one of 5 different landmark locations. You will receive a pop up notification that invites you to take a walk to reveal your prize. You can win automatic entries into the drawings, free Quick Pick tickets or other instant prizes. The prizes are instantly distributed and will appear in your Entries Table if you won instant entries or in your Coupons Table if you won a voucher or coupon.

Coupons are valid until the date indicated at the bottom of the coupon.  Coupons may only be redeemed once. After the coupon is redeemend, the record will be marked with a (R) and when you open the coupon to view, it will be marked in the barcode area with REDEEMED.